Fine line tattoo artists in the Melbourne CBD

Welcome to Good Marks Tattoo, your go-to destination for fine line tattoos in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. Our talented team of artists specialises in creating intricate and delicate designs that highlight the beauty of fine line work.


What is fine line tattooing?


Fine line tattooing is a style that focuses on precision, featuring thin, clean lines to create detailed and often minimalist designs. This technique is perfect for those looking for subtle, elegant tattoos that stand the test of time. Whether you want a small, meaningful symbol or a detailed piece of art, fine line tattoos offer a versatile and sophisticated option.


Key features of fine line tattoos


  1. Detail and precision: Fine line tattoos are known for their detailed and intricate designs. The use of thin lines allows artists to create more complex and delicate artwork compared to traditional tattoo styles.
  2. Minimalism: This style is perfect for minimalist designs, making it ideal for individuals seeking subtle and understated tattoos.
  3. Versatility: Fine line tattoos can be applied to various designs, from geometric patterns and botanical illustrations to text and portraits.
  4. Healing and longevity: With proper care, fine line tattoos heal well and maintain their crispness over time, although regular touch-ups may be needed to keep them looking sharp.


Come and meet our fine line tattoo artists 


Ready to get your next fine line tattoo? Contact us to book a consultation or drop by our studio to discuss your ideas with our talented team. Our studio is conveniently located at 4 Dudley Street, West Melbourne, VIC, overlooking the Queen Victoria Market. We are open six days a week from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM, with Sundays and after-hours appointments available by request.